Key Stage 3 Subjects

Curriculum Subjects KS3


Our curriculum at key stage 3 is designed to inspire and challenge all of our students to develop the knowledge, skills and personal attributes that will prepare them for their key stage 4 studies and, ultimately, for a successful and fulfilling working life in 21st Century Britain. It is underpinned by the desire to maximise achievement whilst allowing students to enjoy learning. We pride ourselves on the breadth of opportunity available to our students, on our excellent academic standards and our extremely supportive system of pastoral care. As a school we are committed to nurturing the talents of all and thus our curriculum has been designed to be flexible enough to allow us to provide additional support and extra challenge for those who need it.

When students arrive at Lutterworth High School they study a number of core curriculum subjects. These are organised into thirty 50-minute periods per week as shown in the table below. In recognition of the fundamental importance of literacy and numeracy there is considerable emphasis on the development of these areas across all subjects. Whilst academic achievement is central to our work, we also strive to develop responsible, resilient, reliable and respectful young people so all of our key stage 3 students follow our PSHE programme, participate in a programme of assemblies and get involved in a number of cross-curricular days during which they can explore certain themes such as Holocaust Memorial Day or particular aspects of careers education across several subject areas. Students are also strongly encouraged to participate in the wide range of extra-curricular activities provided by our creative group of staff.

SubjectYear 7Year 8Year 9
Computer Science111
Physical Education322
Religious Studies111
MFL (Students opt for either French or Spanish in Year 8 and Year 9)333
Design & Technology (Plus Art in Year 9)223
Performing Arts including Music1 22
Personal & Social Health Education (PSHE)222