Physical Education KS3


  • Our Aims

We aim to provide an enjoyable, satisfying and balanced curriculum which will allow all our students to develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively, whilst preparing some for accredited routes in KS4. We actively encourage all students, regardless of any natural sporting ability, to get involved in the wide range of experiences we offer.

We believe that being active and healthy and doing your absolute best is the most effective way of ensuring that students take part in activities and gain a great deal from the experience. We want our students to become confident and considerate citizens and appreciate that the development of tolerance and the appreciation of one’s own and others’ strengths and weaknesses is an extremely important part of the learning process.

  • House Team Events

Whole school House team events occur termly. All students participate and contribute to earn house points.

House Swimming Gala
House Netball 
House Football
House Cross Country
House Indoor Rowing
House Rugby
House Rounders
House Golf 
House Sports Day
  • Support

The department works closely with our Special Educational Needs department to ensure that we can respond appropriately to students who have special needs. A major advantage we have in this department is to offer students who might not be especially strong academically the opportunity and encouragement to excel in their chosen sport(s). By so doing they are able to build self-esteem and confidence.

Co-curricular activities such as boccia, seated volleyball, and indoor athletics are offered to students. We regularly attend competitions within Leicestershire where these students compete against local opposition.

  • KS3 Course Outline

All students swim at Lutterworth Leisure centre in year 7. Other sports include basketball, netball, rugby and football as well as many other invasion type based games. Students will also compete on indoor rowers, in indoor athletics and focus on athletics in the summer term. Net games include badminton and table tennis. Aesthetics skills are developed through the use of gymnastics with students also taking dance as part of their KS3 program. Students’ character strengths are developed through team-building, problem-solving and physical fitness activities.

All students will have the opportunity to follow a theory component linked to GCSE PE in years 7, 8 and 9. The result of this assessment combined with their competitive sports and attitude towards PE will help identify their overall progress over time.

  • Extra Curricular

We are very proud of our extensive activities outside the curriculum. The school is very successful at a local, county and regional level in:

Table Tennis
Seated Volleyball
Indoor Athletics

The demand and enthusiasm from our students drives us to ensure a range of lunchtime and after-school clubs where they can develop their skills to a greater depth.

  • The More Able

An elite group of students are selected in Years 9, 10 and 11 based on their competitive performances and the level they are competing at. Typically, students must be at a County level or higher in their respective sport to be included in this group. This group meets once a month on a Friday to discuss goal-setting, diet, training types. They are also exposed to professional athletes through Q&A sessions and elite training environments where students can experience the latest sport has to offer.

Student Leadership

In Year 8, we offer students the opportunity to be part of a national sports leadership programme.

Planned opportunities matching Level 2 CVL competitions for the primary schools are in built into this programme. This allows groups of selected students to be part of a leadership pathway.