At Lutterworth High School students follow a spiral curriculum in PSHE covering the following areas;

  • Careers & Skills
  • SRE
  • Health
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Citizenship
  • Safety & E-Safety

Each year students build upon the skills they have learned in the previous year in addition to developing new ideas and a greater understanding of their place in the world. Each year group includes but is not limited to;

  • Year 7: Starting secondary, Respect and Families, Basic First Aid, Happiness and Emotions, British Values and Road Safety.
  • Year 8: Enterprise, Online relations and the media, Personal Safety, Signs of Mental Wellbeing, Self-Esteem and Cyberbullying.
  • Year 9: Money management, Consent and Legal Responsibilities, Defib Training, Growth Mind-set, Radicalisation and Safer Social-Networking.
  • Year 10: Aspirations, Conflict at home, Alcohol, Body Image, Anti-Social Behaviour, Digital and Citizenship.
  • Year 11: Post-16 Applications, LGBT, Self-examination and Screening, Gambling, Multiculturalism, Sexting

In addition to these topic areas school life involves encouraging and discussing the following character strengths and themes;