Fast Tomato

Fast Tomato

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Do you need help deciding which path is the right one for you?

Fast Tomato helps students explore the many different career opportunities open to them. It is accurate, relevant and easy to use.

Fast Tomato has been designed to help young people broaden their horizons and consider a broader spectrum of career and education options.

Students take a short psychometric questionnaire. This gauges interests, attitudes and motivations. Their results will show aspirational career and subject suggestions matched to the individual.

Fast Tomato allows access to over 600 career descriptions including videos, case studies and useful links as well as information on entry requirements, routes to careers and salaries.

Step 1: click on this link to take you to the Fast Tomato website:

Step 2: Enter the correct access code for your year group. This is LHSY followed immediately by 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11. For example, year 9 would enter LHSY9.

Step 3: Complete the short questionnaire

Step 4: View your results