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Provide a curriculum that is accessible to all pupils
Provide an environment which is accessible to everyone
Provide access to information for pupils and parents


Offer clarity regarding legal requirements and statutory guidance

  • Identify different types of provision and associated requirements
  • Seek to encourage partnership and avoid conflict at a local and an authority level
  • Maintain parental rights and ease the process of admission for parents and children
  • Aim for one consistent first-time admissions date to mainstream education
  • Ensure that extension of provision is a long-term commitment and not at the expense of other
    local provision
  • Confirm that funding must not be used for groups of pupils outside the designated age-range
  • Entitlement to a place in the catchment area school (dependent on the parent applying at the
    appropriate time, or on compliance with infant class size regulations)
  • Entitlement to a place the preferred school if there is room
  • Entitlement to be considered according to the same priority criteria as other children where the
    school is oversubscribed

Anti Bullying

  • To ensure that all students are free from the actuality or the threat of bullying
  • To ensure the active involvement of the whole school community
  • To maintain a raised awareness of bullying
  • To promote an atmosphere in which bullying is actively and universally condemned
  • To encourage a climate in which it is acceptable to disclose incidents of bullying either
    experienced directly, or observed
  • To develop a consistent approach to dealing with incidents of bullying which is shared
    with and understood by the whole school community

Behaviour Management

Aim, at all times to be positive in our treatment of students

  • Use positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour
  • Develop positive attitudes to learning and to encourage positive attitudes between students,
    teachers and other adults.

Community Cohesion

  • To develop common values of citizenship based on dialogue, respect and acceptance of
  • To contribute to building good community relations and challenge all types of
    discrimination and inequality
  • To remove barriers to access, participation, progression, attainment and achievement
  • To close the attainment and achievement gap

Disabiltiy Equality

  • To provide high quality education for the lifetime needs of each student
  • To provide a caring, disciplined and stimulating environment where effort, achievement
    and success are recognised
  • To encourage the professional development of all staff
  • To promote values of tolerance, sensitivity and mutual respect
  • To work effectively in partnership with parents, the family of schools and the wider
  • To use resources effectively and economically


  • Learning
  • ~ We aim to help everyone enjoy learning, reach their full potential, and see
    learning as a lifelong process
    ~ We are committed to developing a moral perspective within students by
    fostering an understanding of Christianity and other religions, in order to develop
    a tolerant understanding of the world

  • Technology – Lutterworth High School is committed to building upon a broad range of
    achievements, by placing Information Technology at the heart of every student’s
  • Contribution & Participation – We aim to encourage all students to participate in school
    and to feel their contribution is valued
  • Care & Self Respect – We work to have a community which supports and cares about
    everyone. We encourage individuals to respect themselves, others and the environment
  • Innovation – Lutterworth High School values tradition while embracing innovation, in
    order to plan sensitively for the learning and participation of all
  • Environment & Communication – As a community we aim to create an environment
    which is welcoming and accessible to all

Race Equality

  • Preparing students for life in a multicultural society
  • Eliminating racism
  • Promoting equality of opportunity
  • Promoting good relations between people of different racial groups

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

To create an environment where the sexual orientation and gender identity of all
workers and service users are respected, and where all are afforded dignity and equal

  • To value the diversity of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people
    themselves, who are of every age, race, nationality, religion, disability, occupation, and
    family situation

Specialist Educational Needs

  • To liaise with feeder schools to identify students with special educational needs as early
    as possible
  • To create an effective learning environment that meets the special needs of each
  • To ensure that all students have equal access to a broad, balanced and differentiated
  • To encourage students to develop confidence and self-esteem and to recognise the
    value of their own contributions to their learning To encourage students to be fully involved in their own learning
  • To have high expectations of all partners in the process and provision of special needs
  • To ensure parents/carers are kept fully informed and are engaged in effective
    communication about their child’s special educational needs
  • To support the Lutterworth High School Behaviour Management Policy