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This year, Churchill House has been raising awareness and funds for The Bobby Moore Fund. This charity is named after England’s iconic World Cup winning captain from 1966 who tragically died of bowel cancer aged just 51 in 1993. The fund aims to advance vital research in order to develop the treatment of bowel cancer. It has so far raised over £27 million and consequently mortality rates for bowel cancer UK have dropped by 30%. The house raised an impressive amount in its charity week with some well received activities. These included; ‘guess the baby teachers’, a penalty shootout, a form quiz (including spot the ball!), guess the sweets in the jar, and a phenomenally successful bake sale! 

 Moreover, the enthusiasm from the students has been the catalyst for a keen interest in the charity and we are so proud of Churchill house for the impact we have made this year! Go Team Churchill!

In total, Churchill house raised £737.86 during the charity week for The Bobby Moore Fund.

Mr Lowry
Head of Churchill House

Cunningham decided to raise money for Marie Curie to support their ongoing work. 

Marie Curie is remembered for her discovery of radium and polonium as well as her huge contribution to finding treatments for cancer. A successful name in the field of science, Marie Curie allowed her name to be used by the Marie Curie Hospital in north London opened in 1930. 

Now, in the 21st century, Marie Curie is a major UK charity for people living with any terminal illness, not just cancer, and their families. They offer expert care, guidance and support to help them get the most from the time they have left.

We raised money for Marie Curie in November of 2019. House events included an assembly delivered by house captains about the much needed services the charity provides to cancer patients in palliative care. Other activities included in the charity fundraising week were a bake sale, buy a daffodil bulb in support of the charity ( the Marie Curie emblem), a kahoot general knowledge quiz, a lunchtime dodge ball tournament and a non school uniform day. 

In total, Cunningham raised £694.04 during the charity week for Marie Curie.

Mrs Sue Evans
Head of Cunningham House

Montgomery raised funds and awareness for the Woodside Animal Centre, the (independent) Leicestershire branch of the RSPCA. The House Captains and I took a trip to the centre where we were able to see, directly, how the money raised will be spent as well as meeting centre staff and some of the animals who the money would be helping.
Funds were raised through a range of events – sponge-a-teacher, guess the sweets in the jar, spare change collections, a netball shoot out,a  non-uniform day (shared with Churchill’s charity) and, possibly, the biggest bake sale the school has ever seen!. We were also really lucky to have a visiting speaker come in from the centre to run assemblies for our KS3 students.
As a team we were thrilled because not only did we manage to raise a great amount of money but we also spread the word about this small, local charity to the whole school!
In total, Montgomery raised £789.76 during the charity week for the Woodside Animal Centre.
Mrs Randon-Cooper
Head of Montgomery House

Tedder chose to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. We chose this charity for the wide range of help it provides and it is the only charity to research all 200 types of cancer.

Since this charity was established, it has helped to improve the percentage of people surviving cancer from 28% chance in the 1900s to 50% today. With our support, one day all types of cancer might be cured. I am sure most people have known someone with cancer close to them or their family, as one in three of us will face cancer in our lives. 

During the focus week, there was an informative assembly led by the Tedder House and Sport Captains, a sweet shop, an assault course in the gym, penny wars (an inter-form competition to see who could collect the most coins over the course of a week), and finally a non-school uniform day on Friday. 

In total we raised £643.52 for Cancer Research UK over the course of the week. Money that will be put to good use in the fight against Cancer.

Mr Johnson
Head of Tedder House

The House System at Lutterworth High School is a long-standing tradition that has been running for many decades.

On arrival at the school, students are allocated into one of four Houses named after influential leaders of the 20th Century: Churchill, Cunningham, Montgomery and Tedder. This tradition is held in high esteem by former students whose children can request the same House to uphold family tradition. We are proud to say that we have some families who are in their third generation of this House pride!

Students in KS4 also have the opportunity to represent their House in a specific role as House Captain or Sports Captain. Each House has four student Captains who work closely with the four Staff House Captains to help run events, represent the student body and set a great example to their peers and the lower years in terms of their behaviour, effort and House Pride.

You can read a brief history of each of the figures that represent our school House system by clicking on the appropriate picture below.

All students get multiple opportunities, each year, to participate in a variety of competitive events for their House Team. These are largely sporting events (such as our whole-school Sports Day and our traditional annual Cross Country event) but also can take a more academic leaning with events like our annual House Quiz.

Students also represent their Houses every single day in every single lesson by being awarded House Points. These can be awarded for a number of things such as attitude, effort, dedication, excellent work, politeness, etc.

At the end of the academic year, for our July Awards Evening, the totals of all House Points and Competitions are added up and the winning House gets the Abbott Shield. This is a trophy that was presented to the school by William Abbott in 1936. The last two years have been won by Montgomery House, but before that we saw a run of Churchill wins. This year’s competition looks to be especially close, who will win the Abbott Shield in July…?

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