Use of Technology


Use of Technology

 As an outstanding school Lutterworth High School strives to provide the highest possible standard of education for all our students. We are preparing our students for a world where digital technology is transforming social and work life at an ever increasing pace.

Technology has transformed almost every aspect of life from how people work in offices to how

entertainment is consumed at home yet, to date, this explosion of innovation has somehow bypassed education. However, technology has now reached a point where it is so easy to use that it can start to be effectively applied in mainstream education without the technical difficulties encountered in the past.

We run a BYOD scheme for students in all year groups. This basically means if students have a smart phone or tablet device (iPad, kindle fire, Android) they are invited to bring it into school to use in lesson. If a student does not have a device to use, teachers are able to book one of eighty iPads the school owns. Students can use their device to research facts, participate in class quizzes, collaborate with fellow classmates and view homework on the VLE. Students in Years 10 and 11 are also invited to bring in their own laptops. All devices/laptops have to be insured by parents and are the sole responsibility of the students whilst in school.

We have installed a pretty impressive infrastructure to enable up to 2000 devices to browse the internet at the same, often we have between 50-62% of the school using devices, at its peak we had 96% of the whole school browsing the internet all together!

Whilst we want to encourage students to use technology in a positive, useful way we must ensure our students are safe, therefore we ask students to log in to our wireless internet which has enhanced filtering. We also ask for all devices to be away during unstructured times unless supervised by a member of staff, we want students to have downtime from screens and socialise in a personal and physical way and not through social media. 

We are proud to have a group of talented students we call eLeaders, these eager students are at the forefront of driving technology forward at our school, they participate in teacher-student discussion, and take part in a leadership programme called Digital Leaders.

For more information on our use of technology please read our iPads for Learning document.