Parental Guidance on acceptable footwear


Parental Guidance on what constitutes acceptable footwear under the Uniform Policy

The uniform policy, formulated and approved by the Governing Body, states that students must wear shoes.


Shoes must be black in colour and a formal style.

Clarks and Kickers shoes are accepted but please ensure they are the more formal style.  Kickers trainer style shoes are not acceptable.

Dr Martens shoes are acceptable but not boots.

  • Examples of suitable styles:

Pumps and trainers are not accepted. Parents must therefore avoid all pump and trainer brands including Adidas, Nike, Lacoste, Lonsdale, Vans and Converse.

Coloured logos/laces/soles or high heels and open-toes are not acceptable.

Ballet style pumps are not accepted as they offer insufficient protection of the feet in practical subjects.

  • Examples of footwear which will not be accepted: