Uniform and Dress Code



Please note that it is essential that the following information regarding our school uniform and dress code are strictly adhered to for all students attending Lutterworth High School.

Academy School Uniforms ~ This is our ONLY school supplier and orders can be placed online by clicking here or by following the ‘Order your uniform’ link under the ‘Quick Links’ header on the bottom left hand side of the school website.


Mandatory – Supplied by Academy School Uniforms. This should be worn to and from school and whilst walking around the site during break and lunch times.


Mandatory ~ Supplied by Academy School Uniforms and LHS.

Ties should be worn correctly at all times ~ 7 stripes on wide end.

Plain black formal full length trousers –  Boys and Girls

May be independently sourced – supplied by Academy School Uniforms. We have worked very hard to ensure these trousers ‘fit’ every size and shape.  Jeans, trousers with studs or logos, leggings, tracksuit bottoms are not acceptable.

Plain black formal pleated skirt

Mandatory – Supplied by Academy School Uniforms.  We have worked very hard to ensure these skirts ‘fit’ every size and shape. They should be worn correctly – LHS badge is clearly visible.


May be independently sourced.   Shirts must be white with a collar. Short and long sleeved is acceptable. These must be tucked in at all times.


May be independently sourced. These must be ALL black and suitable style for school. Coloured logos/laces/soles or high heels and open-toes are not acceptable. Sports labels are not acceptable.  Please refer to the attached for guidance.


Optional ~ Supplied by Academy School Uniforms. These can be worn in addition to the blazer.

PE Dress Code

Mandatory Supplied by Academy School Uniforms:

  • Boys – PE top and unisex shorts
  • Girls – PE top and unisex shorts or skort
  • Unisex Outdoor ¼ zip Top

May be independently sourced:

Boys and Girls:

  • Lace-up trainers, suitable and clean for PE
  • Black socks
  • Football boots, shin pads and mouth guards – for health and safety these must be worn for soccer and/or hockey lessons
  • Black swimming trunks/costume and towel for swimming lessons
  • Black tracksuit bottoms
  • Black ‘skins’ style baselayers may be worn under the PE top and shorts/skort in cold weather.

Make up

KS3 students are not allowed to wear any make-up in school.

KS4 students are allowed to wear minimal make-up to school – light foundation and natural lash mascara. No lash enhancements.

Nails – No gel or acrylic extensions.

KS4 – neutral varnish only.

It is the school’s discretion as to what is acceptable.


KS3 students are not permitted to wear jewellery. The only exception is a small wrist watch and simple stud earrings for pierced ears– one per ear (these must be removed before any PE lesson. Any jewellery given to staff for safekeeping is entirely at the owner’s risk).

KS4 students are allowed to wear minimal jewellery to school – a bracelet, a necklace, stud earrings and wrist watch.

It is at the school’s discretion to decide what is acceptable.

Body piercings of any kind on the face/body are not allowed.

Hair Styles/Colour

KS3 and KS4 students should have presentable hair at all times. Any colouring should appear natural and extreme styles are not tolerated. This includes shaved areas, Mohicans etc.

Body Art

KS3 and KS4 students are not allowed tattoos or henna or any variation.

Essential Equipment

KS3 and KS4 students need to be ready to learn in their lessons, which includes bringing in the correct equipment for all subjects. They will need a pen, pencil, ruler, eraser and pencil sharpener for all of their lessons. In some lessons they will also need coloured pencils/pens. It is important that students look after these and they are labelled or kept in a labelled pencil case.