Mobile phones on Off-Site visits

Mobile phones on Off-Site visits

Mobile phones on Off-site Visits

In line with the school’s Mobile Phone Usage Policy, during off-site visits any use of a mobile phone will only be allowed with the knowledge, supervision and permission of a member of staff. This includes using the device to take photographs.

In order to ensure that phones are used responsibly, we ask the following:

– Students use their phones responsibly while travelling. Mobile phones can be used to listen to music on the journey.

– Headphones are put away when visiting places of interest.

– Mobile phones can be used to take photographs when visiting places of interest but should then be put away.

– Mobile phones must not be used to make telephone calls when travelling or visiting places of interest.

– Students must not place any comment or photograph on social media that would bring the reputation of the school into disrepute.

– Parents/ Carers to telephone staff only if they have an important concern.

– Phones are not to be used whilst eating meals.

Staff have the right to confiscate mobile phones being inappropriately used.

On residential trips, at the discretion of staff, students may use their phones within the confines of the accommodation.

Staff may use personal mobile phones/devices, including digital cameras, to take photographs for publicity purposes, including via social media, but must remove the photographs within a reasonable time.