Attendance Summary



Student attendance at the High School is excellent and the school ensures that all students know the importance of regular and sustained attendance at school. The school’s attendance patterns are outstanding when compared to both similar schools and all schools nationally and are summarised here.

Overall Attendance96.05%95.85%96.39%95.52%
Authorised Absence3.95%4.09%3.46%4.35%
Unauthorised Absence0.09%0.06%0.14%0.13%
Persistent Absence
(46 sessions or more)

*2014/15 are given to the end of the previous term.

The school attendance team actively manages the attendance of all students at both group and individual level and our intervention strategies are shared with students and their parents and carers so that students understand and are able to develop the resilience needed to succeed at school.

The importance of sustained attendance at school is shared regularly with students and they understand the link between attainment and attendance. Students are rewarded for good attendance at the end of each half-term and take pride in their outstanding levels of attendance.

 2014/152015/162016/17 HT52016/17 To HT6
Overall Attendance95.53%95.09%95.23%94.14%
Authorised Absence4.29%4.71%4.59%5.62%
Unauthorised Absence0.18%0.20%0.18%0.24%
Unauthorised Absence
Persistent Absence
(46 sessions or more)