SEN Report



Lutterworth High School is a fully inclusive mainstream school serving Lutterworth and the surrounding villages in South Leicestershire. At Lutterworth High School, all students are valued equally, regardless of where their abilities lie. The school has a commitment to inclusion within the framework of an entitlement for all students to a broad, balanced, comprehensive curriculum, which is differentiated to meet individual needs. Within its aims, Lutterworth High School is committed to equal opportunities, with students being encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential, whatever their academic or physical ability.

The school actively seeks to remove barriers to learning and participation that can hinder, or exclude, individuals or groups. We are committed to ensuring that students experience the very best education possible through an efficient and effective deployment of our resources.

Students across the age range and all abilities will:

• Be treated as individuals where their individual needs, interests and aptitudes are recognised.

• Be encouraged to participate in school and to feel their contribution is valued.

• Be encouraged as individuals to respect themselves, others and the environment.

• Be provided with opportunities for continued growth and development to enable them to increase their self-esteem and confidence.

• Receive a broad and balanced curriculum which will allow them to make informed choices as they progress through and beyond the school.

• Be entitled to have an emerging or evident special educational need identified and assessed.

• Be encouraged to take an increasing responsibility for their own learning.

• Learn to take responsibility for their actions so that they will be equipped for life after school.

• Be encouraged to enjoy learning, reach their full potential and see learning as a lifelong process.